Effortless loans.
Superior UX.
AI Driven safety.

Sirio represents the first lending protocol built on Hedera. It is designed to ensure an unparalleled user experience by leveraging Hedera’s speed and scalability. Additionally, it incorporates a machine learning algorithm as a mechanism to decrease liquidation events.

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Lend your assets
on fastest chain.

The Hedera blockchain offers a seamless and secure experience, due to its innovative Hashgraph Consensus Algorithm. This system employs a method that significantly boosts transaction efficiency and security. Key features such as Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Gossip about Gossip, and Virtual Voting facilitate rapid consensus, creating a platform that is fast, scalable, and secure. These elements work together to ensure an optimal environment for users to engage in lending or borrowing assets on Sirio.


Minimize liquidations
with usage of AI.

The Sirio team has worked on developing a permissionless and arbitrary Machine Learning algorithm. We have gathered data on millions of loans and considered over 20 features related to market conditions, liquidity, volatility, and much more, training the model with any crucial condition. Its output is the probability that a given loan will be liquidated, warning the user and making them aware of the risk associated with their loan before it is made.

Sustainable and effective Roadmap.

We have planned the Equilibria roadmap to ensure technically and timely sustainable development. By Q1 2025, we expect to release Equilibria in its final form, unlocking its full potential. Please find below the roadmap for your reference.

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